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Mexican Chilies – A Supreme Item In Your Kitchen

Posted by on May 20, 2016

Mexican chilies are one of the widely used varieties of chili in Mexico, and it is used as a part of different foods,sauces, and salads. Various recipes include these chilies. In fact, the chilies are known for the flavor and taste. These are hot chilies and people who enjoy this taste love the Mexican chilies very much. They are similar to capsicum to some extent when it comes to flavor, but it is far hotter than the ordinary chili.

Here are some interesting facts about Mexican chilies that will blow your mind. You may consider chili to be a part of your diet, but even before chili was used in modern eateries, there were other applications of chilies and especially Mexican chilies.

mexican chillies

    • Perfect For The Chili Lovers-The people who love to consume hot food find a perfect match in Mexican chilies. On the fourth Thursday of February every year, World Chili day is celebrated in some parts of the world. here, competition is arranged by the people who eat hot food. They consume as many chilies as possible within a short time. Since Mexican chilies are known for their taste, this is used in many parts of the world, instead of the ordinary ones.
    • Used As Cosmetics– In the ancient civilizations, chilies were used as cosmetics and people used to apply chili pastes on their faces. It might sound awkward, but it is true indeed. Mexican chilies were sometimes used here, as it was considered to be a better variety of chili.
    • Oldest Cultivated Vegetables– Mexican chili is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables in the world. People in Mexico have been eating these chilies since 7000BC. After people had learned to grow crop themselves, these were separate fields for Mexican chilies, and since 3500 BC, these have been grown by the natives of the lands on acommercial
    • Keep Away Animals In Farms– Some animals cannot bear the smell of Mexican chilies. In order to keep animals away from the land, the farmers used to attach chilies to the fences. Mexican chilies were used for this purpose and due to the strong smell of the chilies, animals kept away from the farms.
    • Top Hottest Chili– The Scoville scale was invented back in 1912 in order to measure the heat of the chilies. In this scale, the chilies with the most heat ranked higher. Mexican chilies are among the topmost rank holders in this scale.

  • Pepper Spray– There are other applications of Mexican chilies other than food. These are used to make pepper sprays all over the world. The more the heat generated by the chilies, the better is the result. Due to its piercing flavor and too much heat, these are considered to be ideal for making pepper sprays.
  • Recipes That Include Mexican Chilies- Coming to the recipes, there are various applications for Mexican chilies. They are eaten in many forms. They are used all over the world as an ingredient in curries, and people also consume them with salad.

These facts about Mexican chilies will blow your mind, and you will find these interesting beyond the realms of food.

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